Crompton Greaves Domestic Pumps
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 CMB Series
Cromton Graves Self Priming Monoset Pumps 'CMB' series are heavy duty type and are designed specially to meet requirements of different needs such as Residential Bungalows, Gardens, Booster application. Theses pumps have a high suction lift and are best suited for a total head of 15 to 18 mtrs. (upto 2 storeys)
  Standard Specification

Range : 0.37 KW - 0.75KW(0.5HP - 1.0HP)

Pipe Size : 25 x 25mm
Speed : 1500 rpm (Syn.)
Total Head : upto 39 Meters.
Capacity : 75mm - upto 84LPM, 100mm - Upto 250LPM.Discharge Outlet Size - 32 mm to 38 mm.
Liquid : Clear water.
Rotation : Clockwise as viewed from motor end.
Motor : TEFC with class 'B' insulation suitable for 1 Phase, 220V, 50Hz, AC supply, Suitable for ambient temperature upto 50 Degree C.
Voltage Band : 180 to 240 Volts.
Residential Bungalows, Flats, Clubs, Garages, Laundries.
Lawn Sprinklers .
Booster applications .
 JM Series
Cromton Graves Two Stage Centrifugal Jet Pumps is designed specially to lift water from underground water resources, with high efficiency. Unique designs, use of latest technology, strict quality control Check, make the product highly reliable, efficient and requires minimum maintenance

The pump has two stages arranged in series with both the stage impellers mounted on the same shaft.

The impellers are located back to back for minimum axial thrust.
Easy to install, horizontal or vertical.
No moving parts inside the borewell.
High reliability.
Requires minimum floor area.
  Standard Specification

Range : 0.75 KW - 1.5KW(1.0 - 2.0HP)

Pipe Size : 32 x 25 x 25mm & 40 x 32 x 25mm.
Liquid : Clear water.
Suction Lift : upto 80 Meters DLWL (Jet Setting Depth.
Capacity : Upto 1360 LPH .
Direction of Rotation : Clockwise as viewed from motor end.
Voltage Band : 180 to 240 Volts.
Hotels, Buildings
Lawn Sprinklers .
Industries .
  Electric Motor
TEFC, SCR, 2 Pole Motor for Cap. start and run (PSC) type, 225 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply for ambient temperature upto 50 Degree C
 CGSP Series
Cromton Graves Submersible Drainage Pump is specially designed in complete stainless steel construction with float switch & solid handling capacity upto 40mm.

Light weight and compact design .

Motor fitted with thermal overload protector (TOP) .
Anti corrosive and rust proof Stainless Steel Materials .
Wear resistant shaft and impeller .
Automatic version with start / stop float switch .
Double mechanical seal with food graded oil cooled chamber .
Liquid temp up to 35 Degree C.
Pump can be submerged into the water permanently.
Provided Handle for easy handling and portable.
  Standard Specification

Range : 0.37 KW - 1.1KW(0.5 - 1.5HP)

Total Head : upto 12 metres.
Capacity : Upto 280 LPH .
Voltage Band : 180 to 240 Volts.
Frequency (Hz.) : 50
Phase : 1Phase.
Well Pumping
River Pumping
Flowing rain water collection.
Pumping water out from garages, basement.
Water supply & drainage in breeding industry .
Effluent waste handling .
Municipal sewage system pumping .
 Best of Our Argo Range
Submersible Pumps Suitable
for 150/200/250 mm Borewell
Openwell Submersible Pumps Centrifugal monoset Pumps
'MB' Series
Stainless Steel Submersible
 Best of Our Industrial Range
Vertical Multistage Pumps Non-Clog Centrifugal Self
Priming Dewatering Pumps
Horizontal Split Case Pumps End Suction Pumps
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