Unibuilt (Monoblock) Pumps
Size Capacity Head
25 mm to 150 mm. 24 lpm to 3750 lpm 6 M to 90 M.

 Self Priming Pumps
Size Capacity Head
25 mm . 12 lpm to 42 lpm 6 M to 30 M.
 Submersible Pumps (4",6",8",10")
Size Capacity Head
100 mm to 250 mm. 30 lpm to 6500 lpm 11 M to 352 M.
 Submersible Sewage Pumps
Size Capacity Head
80 mm to 150 mm. up to 20000 lpm up to 75 M.
 Horizontal Submersible MonoSet Pumps
Size Capacity Head
37 mm to 100 mm. 150 lpm to 15000 lpm 10 M to 90 M.
 Coolant Pumps
Size Capacity Head
120 mm to 170 mm. 12 lpm to 36 lpm 1 M to 4 M.
Horizontal H.T. and L.T. Motors (Squirrel cage and Slipring).
Vertical H.T. and L.T. Motors (Squirrel cage and Slipring).
Two-Speed, Pole Amplitude Modulated Motors (PAM Motors).
Induction Generators - L.T. & H.T.
Sugar Centrifuge Motors.
Increased Safety Type 'e' Motors - L.T. & H.T.
Arno Converters & Auxiliary Motors for Locomotives
Alternators (A.C.Generators) - L.T. & H.T.
Brushless Alternators with Electronic AVRs - L.T. &  H.T.
Frequency Converters
Tilting-Pad and Journal Bearings for high-thrust load carrying capacity applications in Motors and Generators
Oil Immersed Direct-On-Line Starters for Motors up to 93.5 Kw.
Air Break Direct-On-Line Starter for Motors up to 7.5 Kw.
Oil Immersed Automatic Star/Delta Starter for Motors up to 150 Kw.
Air Break Automatic Star/Delta Starter for Motors up to 37.5 Kw.
Manually Operated air Break Star/Delta Starter for Motors up to 11 Kw.
Manually operated oil Immersed Auto Transformer Starter for Motors upto 93Kw.
Automatically Operated Oil Immersed Auto Transformer Starter for Motors upto 110 Kw.
 Air Break Starters with Electronic Relays
DOL  Starters up to 7.5 Kw.
Manually operated Star/Delta Starter up to 11 Kw
 Oil Immersed Starter with Electronic Relays
DOL Starters up to 11 Kw.
Automatic Star/Delta Starters upto 18.5 Kw.
Air Break up to 80 Amps.
Oil Immersed up to 200 Amps.
 Thermal Overload Relays
up to 200 Amps.
 Thermal Timers
up to 20 Seconds.
Motor Duty, Load-Break, Change-over and programme control switches in various ratings up to 315 Amps
 L.T. Air Circuit Breakers (ACB's)
Manually and electrically operated ACB's in Draw-out and Non-Draw-out Version with indoor and outdoor enclosures , in ratings 250,400,630,800,1000, 1250,1600 Amps.
 L.T. SwitchBoards
Custom Built Power Control and Motor Control Centres.
Auto Transformer Control Panels for Motors  up to 550 Kw.
L.T.Magnastart System-Unique System for Starting Slipring Induction Motors up to 150 HP.
 Instruments Transformers
OutDoor and InDoor Type Instruments Transformers for Voltages from 3.3 KV  to 33 KV.
Outdoors Metering Units up to 22KV.
Cast Resin Components for SwitchGears.
 Power/Dirstribution Transformer Range
KVA        : 25 to 3000
Voltage  :  6.6,11,22,33 KV Class.
Type       : Oil Cooled/Air Cooled.
Service   : Indoor/Outdoor
Low Voltage Capacitors for Power Factor Improvements
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